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Since 1994, our team of professionals has excelled on national and global stages, having delivered our services at over 90 venues and at major events across the world, including the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl and the NCAA Final Four Tournament.

Our People

Our team is comprised of industry experts who specialize in the planning and operational delivery of major events and complex venues. We promote a “hands-on” transportation management approach providing on-time and on-budget services making us a preferred partner to deliver complex and challenging transportation projects.

Our skills and expertise encompass the complete project lifecycle from the event bid phase, site selection through to planning, design, construction and event day operations and management including testing, exercising and readiness.

Our Experience

We are a recognized global leader in our industry with a proven track record in planning and implementing transport services. We have successfully delivered services for over two decades at more than 100 venues and at major events across the world, including the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl, Daytona 500, the World Cup and the NCAA Final Four Tournament.

We work in collaboration with event organisers, public and private transport operators, police and authorities to plan and deliver efficient, sustainable and safe transport options for venues and events. We specialise in venue operations, traffic management, permitting systems, bus and fleet operations, travel demand management, transport operations and technology solutions.

Our Solutions

We employ cutting edge tools and technologies to devise and implement strategies to manage the flow of people to places to minimize congestion, expedite travel times, reduce expenses and maximize event revenues.

Work smarter not harder with our innovative management services, methodologies and tools to save you time & money. Our Founder was responsible for the creation of the Venue Capacity & Population Model (VCPM™) and the Venue Transportation Operations Plan (VTOP™) models that are now industry standard planning solutions.


Your first choice for Major Event Services & Solutions.

Venue & Event Master Planning

Individual venues are often the focus of an event, however success is often measured by the ability of the venue owners and event organisers to integrate their facilities into an efficient and effective city-wide master plan.

From bid preparation to event planning, we work with clients to develop a robust and flexible transport strategy resulting in a great experience for all client groups from the athletes to the spectators. Our team of experts examine the venue and its surroundings, analyzing the existing transportation systems and determining how best to transport people to and from the event whilst minimizing impacts on the surrounding area.

Mobility Planning

GDUS comprehensive array of mobility planning services enables the development of solutions tailor-made to the specific project and with a focus on implementation.

We have the big-picture and technical understanding essential to achieve truly integrated mobility plans that meet the requirements of a major event. We use sophisticated methodologies and modelling to consider all modes of transport including the integration and connectivity of temporary services with existing transport systems and networks to create convenient and reliable journeys for all users.

Traffic and Parking Operations

We provide a complete end-to-end parking solution using the most advanced parking tools available and comprising of top-rated, highly-trained parking professionals on the ground. Our parking solutions integrate with allocation and booking systems to manage the flow of vehicles & different client groups to places to minimize congestion, expedite travel times, reduce expenses and maximize event revenues, and most importantly improve the guest experience.

Travel Demand Management

Event management requires pre-planning to ensure adequate transportation services are available to service large temporary demand. At GDUS, our TDM experts assess the capacity and anticipated traffic demand for the roads, trains, trams and bus systems that bring people to an event or venue. We then plan for the most efficient use of both public and private transportation options and use the tried and tested “4 R’s” strategy where necessary to re-route, re-mode, re-time and reduce background and commuter demand away from peak periods to maximise the available capacity for those travelling to and from events.

Transportation Operations

A plan is only as good as its execution, we bring to life and optimze all aspects of an event transport plan. A successful transport operation is critical to the success of any major sporting event. Athletes, team officials, technical officials, Games officials and the media must get to venues on time to stage a great competition and to allow athletes to perform at their best. Spectators and workforce must also arrive in a timely and organised fashion to create a great atmosphere, and a safe and enjoyable event.

GDUS has the strength and depth of expertise your operation requires to succeed. Our systems and operating strategies reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions while improving the consumer experience and increasing venue revenues.

Technology & Innovation

We’ve all been told “it’s about the journey, not the destination” but as transportation technology rapidly advances, our journeys are starting to look a whole lot different. We work in partnership with our clients and stakeholders to design comprehensive solutions which keep networks operational with travellers and operators informed at all stages. We firmly believe in innovation and use the latest technologies to improve the efficiency, quality and resilience of our transportation planning and operations. Our systems and tools streamline workflows, offer integration opportunities and maximize the consumer experience.

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